How Do You React To The Stock Market?


You have reached Greed Or Fear. This used to be home to a very prominent stock picking service back in the day. In fact, way back in the day. Now the services of this domain are provided courtesy of the folks over at the investment newsletter syndication, stock market and investment information website.

When the Greed Or Fear service was active, the penny stocks market was a very different terrain. It was more wild west, unexplored frontier type stuff. The SEC was trying to figure out ways to curb penny stock scams and fraud and many a stock picker came out of the woodwork.

It helped that the Dotbomb was going on too. Where money was flowing into the markets like a rushing river from the mountains. Back then, stocks ran 1000% on a daily basis. Today you may see that once a week or every two weeks. But make no mistake, it happens quite often in the penny stock market. Something that market players of the Nasdaq or NYSE don't seem to realize.

But penny stocks are not for everyone. They are for short term traders. Why? Because its very, very, extremely difficult to find a penny stock to invest in long term. Sure they are out there, but the chances of finding a company that has the backing to get from the OTCBB to the NASDAQ is quite rare.

Rather, most successful penny stock players don't even care what the company is, or does. They pretty much just want the ticker symbol, and how much volume is being pumped into it. Why? Because its easier to trade penny stocks short term. Days, hours or even minutes and call it a day. Most go for 10% gains on each trade, which is fairly easy to do if you know what your doing.

Finding great penny stocks list, can be difficult too, but easier if you have some tools under your belt.

The hard part about penny stocks is finding that one or ones, that will go from pennies to dollars over a long period of time. This is done by only the best. It takes a great deal of research and experience, with some luck sprinkled in. However, there are those that can do this, and they are quite hard to find.

If you ever find a mentor or guru that can provide this information for you, then chances are you will beat out the rest of the markets for profits.

When it comes to the penny stock market, you will be bombarded with information, and stock picks, about the next huge gainer, or next Google or Microsoft. Don't believe them, they are trying to play off the two emotions you need to keep in check, GREED and FEAR.

So the question is, which one drives you? Greed or Fear?

greed or fear