How Do You React To The Stock Market?

Stock Alerts

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Penny Stock Alerts

Alerts can be set and used for different functions, but most traders use them to be notified when a critical level is being approached in a stock.

Assume that over the last month a stock has bumped into $50 on several occasions, but cannot break above it. You could set an alert at $49.90, which will notify you when this price is reached.

The ability to see how a certain method of trading or technical indicator has performed in the past can save traders a lot of time. If it hasn't worked in the past, it probably won't work in the future. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that positive past performances will carry forward into the future either.

Stock hits new 52-week

Some traders watch for breakouts because they believe once a stock has hit a new 52 week high, they are bound by new rules from regards to charting and patterns.  Breakouts can occur and many times a stock continues on to new more extreme highs.

Unusually High Volume

Watching volume can be an indicator of something significant about to happen.  Normally when you see a flat lining stock pattern, they call that accumulation.  Then as volume starts to pick up, short positions may start to be covered, activity is noticed and other traders start to jump in.  This can cause a spike in a stock price, and also could signify that a major event with the company about to happen.  This is highly speculative, as bad or good news could be on the way.  So deciding whether to go long or short in this situation based solely on this information is very risky.

Watchlist portfolios

Many people like to track a handful of stocks, and get used to their trading patterns.  Once you understand how a particular stock reacts to situations then you can play the stock up and down, taking long and short positions on a daily or weekly basis.  This has been a very successful technique for some.