Where To Find Paramount on FiOS (Check It Out!)

The Paramount Network offers viewers a lot of interesting shows daily. Paramount has a lot to offer their viewers, so much so that other channels on cables find it hard to stay in the competition. The network’s roaster every day is filled with a lot of shows that grab the attention of all their viewers. Paramount offers something for everyone whether you are looking for live-action or animation, there is definitely a show on Paramount that will suit your fancy.

What Channel is Paramount Found on FiOS?

Paramount is one of the most popular American-based television networks found on Channel 54 on FiOS. Besides, Paramount HD can be found on channel 554.

Although it varies somewhat in various locations. If you’re looking for your favorite Paramount shows like The Big Bang Theory or NCIS, then you’ll want to make sure you have FiOS TV! With a ton of great channels and crystal clear picture quality, Paramount Network is definitely worth checking out!

If you are a fan of live-action, then you should definitely check out Paramount’s show “Schooled”. The show is about a group of teachers that are trying to survive in the 21st century. The show is hilarious and will have you laughing out loud.

If you are looking for something more serious, then you should check out Paramount’s show “Yellowstone”. The show is about a family-owned ranch that is constantly under siege by developers, environmentalists, and Native Americans. The show is an intense drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Paramount Network offers viewers a lot of interesting shows daily

Paramount Network is an American television channel that offers a variety of programming aimed at a general audience. The network’s daytime schedule consists of game shows, reruns of classic sitcoms, and court shows. In primetime, the network airs original programming such as the reality series “Deadliest Catch” and the drama “Yellowstone.”

Paramount Network on FiOS
Paramount Network on FiOS

Paramount Network also offers a variety of sports programming, including live games from the MLB, NBA, and NHL. Viewers can also find a wide selection of movies airing on the network every day. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that Paramount Network is one of the most popular cable channels.

Paramount has a lot to offer their viewers

Paramount has been a powerhouse in the entertainment industry since their establishment in 1912. For over a century, they have continued to wow audiences with their captivating content across all genres. From blockbusters to independents, there’s something for everyone on Paramount.

What’s more, Paramount produces content for all ages, so families can sit down and enjoy a movie or show together. With such a broad appeal, it’s no wonder that other channels on cable find it hard to keep up with Paramount. In an increasingly competitive landscape, Paramount continues to be a force to be reckoned with. Thanks to their commitment to quality content, they are sure to remain a favorite among viewers for years to come.

The Paramount network’s roaster

The Paramount network’s roaster every day is filled with a lot of shows that grab the attention of all their viewers. They have a wide variety of genres to select from such as reality TV, sitcoms, medical dramas, and more.

This attracts people of all ages to tune in every day to see what is new. The network has had many success stories with their original programming. Some of their most iconic shows are “The Brady Bunch”, “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, “Beverly Hills, 90210”, and more recently “Yellowstone”.

What sets Paramount apart from other networks is their willingness to take risks on new and different types of shows. For example, they were one of the first networks to air a show with an all-African American cast with “The Jeffersons”. They also aired one of the first prime-time soap operas called “Dallas”. These risks have paid off in spades for the network as they have been able to attract a wide and loyal audience.

Paramount Network Background

Paramount Network is an American-based television network. It is owned by MTV entertainment group. The headquarters are in Los Angeles, California at the Paramount pictures studio. The network was created after two major radio stations, WSM and Westinghouse Broadcasting, partnered together.

The Nashville Network was their original name, and they debuted on March 7, 1983. They began to air programs that were in line with southern American culture, such as country music, southern shows, motor racing, and other programming. 

As time passed, the network grew. More people watched the network as it grew. A buyer came along and wanted to purchase the network. The Gaylord entertainment company bought the network in 1983. This buyer was interested in more than just Nashville- they also bought some other companies.

For example, in 1991 they bought CMT and so the music schedule on TNN was moved over to CMT while TNN focused more on the entertainment section. TNN moved from one owner to another back then. Again in 1995 TNN and CMT were bought by Westinghouse, but they only had it for four years before both channels were bought again by Viacom.

TNN changed the kind of shows it aired after Viacom became the owner. TNN could no longer air country-influenced shows. They had to air shows that were appealing to everyone in America. 

The company continued to grow and attract more and more audiences. Later in 2003, they changed their name to Spike TV and focused on reaching out to younger men.

Starting in June 2006, they began to focus their entertainment shows on action movies and series. This was because they realized that this type of show is what their target audience wanted. They later began to mix their scheduled shows with original reality series.

In January 2018, Spike TV became Paramount Network. This change created more gender-balanced programming and also made it possible to share a name with the studio that Paramount Network was named after. 

Some of the programs broadcast on Paramount Network

The quality of the programming on par with other TV networks. They have a great line-up of shows for their viewers. Some of those series are listed below. 


One of the few programs aired on paramount is Yellowstone, which is one of the network’s genuine collections. This program has been a part of the network’s programming line-up since its debut in 2018. This is one of Kevin Costner’s productions, so fans would not want to miss it for the world. 


This is a show that reveals the truth; it’s for people who like reality TV. Cops should be added to the list of things to watch if you enjoy this sort of program. According to TV by the Numbers, cops have been on for 32 seasons straight. It is regarded as the longest-running series in all of America. It’s not only about the leisure you get from watching different shows; this program allows you to view things from a police officer’s perspective. Most networks don’t have programs like this. 

Wife Swap

The most popular program on the list is Wife or Spouse Swap, which features two couples who switch spouses for a day. Because of all the intrigue and drama that it generates, the show attracts a large proportion of its female audience closer. Although the series primarily focuses on women, there are some male characters who appear occasionally.


Where Can I Get Paramount Network On FiOS?

It depends on where you live. In some areas, the channel number would be 54 but it might be different in other areas too. You can find out which channel Paramount is on your FiOS cable by either calling customer care or going to their website and inputting your region. Once you have that information, everything else you need to know about the channels will be listed for you as well. If you want to figure it out yourself, just google “what is the channel for paramount on FiOS in (your state)?”

What Countries Have Paramount Network?

This TV network is based in America, but it has collaborations with other countries. Canada has had access to this TV network since 1984. Other countries that have access to the TV network are Sweden, the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Hungary, United Kingdom, and Latin America.

Why Is The Channel Different In Some Places?

Just like different cable TV channels, Paramount will have different channel numbers in different areas. The channel number changes depending on your location. The cable company in your area decides which channels are available and what the channel number will be.

There are websites where you can find this information. For example, your state or metropolitan area might have a website that tells you how many paramount networks are on FiOS. People in Florida, Indiana, and other states have different numbers. They found this out by doing research. 


Paramount Network is one of the most popular American-based television networks and can be found on Channel 54 on FiOS. The quality of their programming is comparable to other TV networks, with a great line-up of shows for viewers. Paramount Network has been around since 1984 and broadcasts in countries all over the world. Their most popular show is Wife Swap, which features two couples who switch spouses for a day. Paramount Network is a great channel to watch if you’re looking for quality programming and entertainment.

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